VISTAGE-MIER CEO Confidence Index Archive

2008 Results
Q4: Another Historical Low Download (PDF 835KB)
Q3: CEO Confidence Index Charts Another Historical Low Download (PDF 619KB)
Q2: CEO Confidence Drops Further, Index At New Historical Low Download (PDF 628KB)
Q1: Confidence Declines Further, Index At Lowest Since Inception Download (PDF 633KB)
2007 Results
Q4: Sentiments Turning Negative Download (PDF 1697KB)
Q3: Still Cautious, But Not Pessimistic Download (PDF 1680KB)
Q2: Treading Cautiously Download (PDF 2432KB)
Q1: Confidence Gains Traction Download (PDF 1565KB)
2006 Results
Q4: Still Holding Up Download (PDF 1980KB)
Q3: Confidence On Rebound Download (PDF 874KB)
Q2: Cautious Optimism Wanes Download (PDF 1515KB)
Q1 No survey done
2005 Results
Q4: Malaysia: Modest Rebound Download (PDF 406KB)
Q3: CEO Confidence Down Again Download (PDF 143KB)
Q2: CEOs Expect Slower Growth Download (PDF 81KB)
Q1: Overall Optimism Among CEOs Download (PDF 209KB)
2004 Results
Q4: CEOs Turn Cautious Download (PDF 209KB)
Q3: Malaysian CEOs Expect To See Continued Revenue And Profitability Growth Download (PDF 225KB)
Q2: CEOs Up Investment Download (PDF 195KB)
Q1: CEOs Optimistic On Economy Download (PDF 45KB)